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√ Particularly robust design

√ High efficiency, high continuous output

√ Special version suitable for flame retardant and biodegradable liquids

√ Solutions with gearbox and brake possible

Pneumatic and hydraulic motors in mining

Companies around the world in the mining sector count on the hundred years of experience of Düsterloh Fluidtechnik.
We know the challenges posed by the extreme conditions in mining.


This experience is also reflected in the design of our products.
The mature and robust design ensures high availability and meets the very high safety requirements that apply in mining.

Slew ring drive for bucket wheel excavators

Our hydrobrake gear motors are convincing as drives on bucket wheel excavator slewing rings. The slewing rings are arranged between the undercarriage and the superstructure and allow the superstructure to rotate relative to the undercarriage. In many cases, two hydrobrake






The term mining refers to the exploration and extraction of mineral resources such as lead, copper, gold,  coal, iron or even uranium. In Germany, the Ruhr area is particularly known for mining, which played a leading role in the industrial revolution in the 19th century with its natural deposits of iron ore and coal.


Nowadays, after the stop of hard coal mining and the upcoming stop of lignite mining, potash salt and lithium are the most relevant resources mined in Germany. Globally, iron ore, gold and copper, are the most mined raw materials. For mining, a wide variety of modern under- and overdrilling rigs are used, which are perfectly adapted to the different conditions in mining.

Our products

Hydraulic motor KM
Hydraulic motor RMX
Gearbox + brake

geared motors are mounted on a ring gear for this purpose. The installed gear units reduce the speed and thereby increase the output torque. The brakes installed between the motor and the gear unit prevent the superstructure from twisting when stationary.

Wagon puller

Our products

Hydraulic motor RMX
Valve assemblies

Wagon pullers pull or push rail-bound wagons into or out of freight elevators underground. Düsterloh Fluidtechnik supplies particularly robust motors of the RMX series, which ensure reliable movement of

the trolleys. Our valve assemblies are mounted directly on our motors and guarantee precise control of the motors.