Pump drive drilling platform

Our axial piston motors are proving their worth on unmanned drilling platforms in the North Sea. Under extreme conditions, the motors drive screw pumps 30 meters below sea level to pump antifreeze. In this application, the motors are operated with special hydraulic oil which has good lubricating and corrosion properties even in the low-temperature range.

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Level control drilling platform

Hydraulic motors KM

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At temperatures as low as minus 40 °C, the hydraulic motors of the KM series successfully perform their work on drilling platforms. There, the hydraulic motors actuate pawls for locking during level control. A series of tests were successfully carried out in advance to ensure functional reliability under the extreme ambient conditions and to meet the requirements of the classification society.

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√ Particularly robust construction

√ High efficiency, high continuous output

√ Safe to operate even under extreme climatic


√ Hydraulicmotors in special design suitable for

     flame-retardant and biodegradable fluids

√ Explosion-proof

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Motors for Marine & Offshore


Whether for level control of drilling platforms or pump drives underwater, we supply tailor-made drive concepts for your application.

Our products impress with their high efficiency and robust design.

Special corrosion-resistant paint finishes defy the aggressive seawater environment.

In addition, they meet the high safety standards in the marine and offshore sector. In cooperation with various classification societies, corresponding acceptance certificates are also provided.

In the challenging development of a motion-compensating gangway, hydraulic motors of the RMN series were able to fully convince. The gangway ensures safe transfer of personnel and cargo between ships and drilling platforms, wind turbines and offshore production facilities. The gangway can compensate for waves of up to 3 m. Particularly fast sensors detect even the smallest movements and the control technology converts this into counter-movements by hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors. The hydraulic motors are particularly robust and compact. This reduces the weight of the entire unit and ensures a safe transfer.


Hydraulic motors RMN

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In an emergency, you can rely on products from Düsterloh Fluidtechnik. As in this application. If there is a power failure on the ship, the pneumatic motors of the DMO series drive screw pumps for gear lubrication. The pneumatic motors are specially sealed and function even when the entire engine compartment is filled with water.

Gearbox lubrication

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Pneumatic motors DMO

Starter for diesel engines

Marine & Offshore

Düsterloh pneumatic starters are used for starting diesel engines and turbines. The pneumatic starter develops its highest torque when breaking loose, therefore it is particularly suitable for starting diesel engines. Düsterloh pneumatic starters can be operated with air or gas. They are independent of electrical energy stores, maintenance-free and explosion-proof. Torques, measured at the starter pinion, of up to 510 Nm at a working pressure of 15 bar are achieved. For higher starting powers, two starters can be operated in parallel.

Offshore structures such as drilling rigs have been an essential part of the industry for decades, supplying regions around the world with oil and gas. Drilling rigs have different types of construction depending on the circumstances, such as the fixed platforms that are attached to the seabed with a base, semi-submersible drilling rigs that float in the sea and nowadays stay above the wellbore using GPS system.

When working on the rig, there is a high risk to the environment in case of errors, so the machines must work smoothly even in extraordinary conditions.

However, offshore structures also include wind turbines and production plants, which, due to the extreme conditions, must function just as reliably.

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Pneumatic starter PS