Your benefits


√ High torque, even at low speeds

√ Solutions with gearbox and brake possible

√ Uniform concentricity even at lowest speeds

√ Safe to operate even in humid atmosphere and

       extreme climatic conditions

√ Long service life due to hardened and ground rotors

Pneumatic and hydraulic motors for shipyards and ports

In shipyards and ports, particularly large components have to be transported safely under time pressure. In addition, the work is always demanding and mainly takes place under climatically difficult conditions.


For example, salty air, seawater and a lot of rain accelerate corrosion on components.


Our products are ideally suited for all these challenges and prove themselves every day in shipyards and ports worldwide. They are characterized by their performance, robustness and good controllability.

Winch drive

Pneumatic motors from Düsterloh Fluidtechnik are the ideal drive solutions for your winches. During development, emphasis was placed on a particularly compact design. Thus, the pneumatic motors have a high power density and can be installed particularly well in confined spaces due to their compact design. Thanks to their sophisticated design and hardened and ground rotors, they are extremely robust and ensure high operational reliability. Special coatings make the motors insensitive to salty air and seawater.

Shipyards and ports

Ports have been the most important economic centers of their region for as long as civilizations have existed. Even in the present day, port cities are essential for international trade, as shipping remains the most efficient method of transport for most goods.


In order for everything to run smoothly at a port today, countless mechanisms must run 24 hours a day throughout the year without error, from the arrival of ships to the departure of goods. This requires reliable engines that are insensitive to salty air and seawater.

Our products

Pneumatic motors DMO
Gearbox + brake

Paddlewheel drive

Our products

Hydraulic motor RMX
Gearbox + brake

Bucket wheel dredgers move enormous quantities of bulk material, such as ore, sand or coal, at the quays of ports. The RMX hydraulic motors, also in combination with gearboxes, are convincing as drives of the bucket wheel. Our drives help you to handle ever larger quantities in less time. Thanks to the robust design of the motors, they can withstand the high dynamic loads, have a high level of operational reliability and guarantee economical conveying.