Power units - primary and secondary drives from a single source

Düsterloh Fluidtechnik specializes in project planning. Design, manufacture and commissioning of customized systems for hydraulics and pneumatics with integrated electronics.



Hydraulic power units



The primary stations are manufactured with tank sizes of up to 15,000 dm³. The tank materials used are aluminum, steel or stainless steel. The operating media can be selected from mineral oil, gear oil and flame-retardant liquids. The pipelines are designed with cutting ring, welded cone or flared fittings as standard. The drive power is up to 110 KW per motor-pump assembly. Noise protection encapsulation of motor-pump units or complete units is optional.


We supply systems "from one source", including motors and cylinders as well as electronic control with wiring, including multilingual documentation.


Our systems are used in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering.

Hydraulic unit 5

Application areas of aggregates


Gear lubrication in the steel industry



Düsterloh Fluidtechnik develops and manufactures hydraulic power units for lubricating and cooling gearboxes that are precisely tailored to their requirements. Gearboxes are used for power transmission, for example in rolling mills or in tilting drives for converters in the steel industry. Gearbox lubrication reduces friction-related losses and increases the service life of gearboxes.


Further application examples:


Conveyor technology / conveyor belt drive