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√ Particularly robust construction

√ High efficiency, high continuous output

√ Narrowly graduated absorption volumes

√ Many special solutions possible

√ Very good controllability

Pneumatic and hydraulic motors for manufacturing equipment

Powerful drives from Düsterloh Fluidtechnik make a significant contribution to economical production. We offer a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic drives and are your contact for the development and production of customized drive concepts for your production facilities.


Production facilities are the heart of the producing industry. There is an almost infinite number of different applications, ranging from simple machines to highly complex automated production lines. The areas of application range from rotary actuators in painting technology to drives for screw conveyor pumps on ships.

Monopile production

Monopiles are long cylindrical tubes used to anchor offshore wind turbines in shallow waters. A monopile consists of several steel pipe sections welded together. Axial piston motors AE 16, for example, are

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Axial piston motor AE

used in the lining of the steel plates for the production of the pipe sections.

Bubble wrap winding

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Hydraulic motor KM

There is a wealth of practical examples for the requirement of very good controllability of speed and torque on Düsterloh hydraulic motors. One example is the rewinder of blown film. The fresh blown film must be wound up with the highest possible constancy of tensile

force so that the film does not tear and, in addition, the film thickness is as constant as possible. A task that is excellently fulfilled by a Düsterloh hydraulic motor.

Eccentric screw pumps

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Hydraulic motor RMN

Eccentric screw pumps are preferably used for pumping highly viscous and viscous media. The axial and radial forces occurring on the output shaft of the hydraulic motor are compensated by the very solid design,

in conjunction with suitable roller bearings, and guarantee a long service life of the motor pump unit.

Spray booth

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Pneumatic motor PMW

For a rotary actuator within a paint shop, several challenges had to be met. On the one hand, all components had to be certified according to ATEX due to the explosion hazard. In addition, the swiveling process had to be carried out with repeat accuracy and the pneumatic drive

had to move the weight of the painting table, including the assembled product, to the specified angular positions within a specified time. We were able to successfully meet all of these requirements with the PMW series pneumatic motor.