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√ High power density

√ High torque, even at low speeds

√ Also, suitable for demanding tasks

√ Solutions with gearbox and brake possible


Pneumatic and hydraulic motors for recycling

Düsterloh Fluidtechnik drives demonstrate their outstanding performance and reliability throughout the recycling process. In recycling, previously disposed of recyclable materials are reprocessed into a new product.


Our products are used in a wide variety of recycling solutions, including the preparation, crushing, sorting and screening of materials. They ensure reliable operation and have high torques, even when starting the machine.


Hydraulic motors from Düsterloh Fluidtechnik are used in shredders to drive the rollers. The shredding process is often at the beginning of the recycling cycle. Our motors are characterized by the fact that they are particularly robust and insensitive to occurring shocks and vibrations. Both speed and torque are easy to regulate, and full torque is available even at the lowest speeds. Depending on requirements, the hydraulic motor can also be combined with a gearbox and brake.

Recycling is not only an economically viable process, as materials can be reused, but is also environmentally friendly, as they do not pollute the environment for no reason. In recycling, waste is processed in waste facilities through several processes. To start with, the waste is sorted before it is shredded by a shredder.


After this, down cycling or upcycling takes place, depending on the material. Upcycling takes place mainly with metals, as these are usually easy to separate from other materials and can be reused accordingly in pure form. Down cycling is when the waste is impure and cannot be reprocessed without deteriorating the properties of the materials. These are accordingly reprocessed in a worse form. This happens frequently, especially with plastic products.

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