Drives with high required torques and at the same time low output speeds can often be realized economically more favorable by a combination of hydraulic motor and one- to four-stage planetary gear. In addition, spring-applied multi-disc brakes, which are required when holding static loads, can be installed between the motor and the gear unit.


With our geared motors, continuous torques of approx. 0.3 to 540 kNm can be achieved as standard.


The power range extends from 0.3 to 160 kW. If required, higher torques and outputs can also be realized.


We distinguish between coaxial and angular gearmotors.

Slew ring drive in mining


Our hydrobrake gearmotors are also used in mining, e.g. for drives on the slewing rings of bucket wheel excavators.  The slewing rings are arranged between the chassis and the superstructure and enable the superstructure to be rotated relative to the chassis. Two hydrobrake gearmotors are often mounted on a spider for this purpose.

Further application examples:

Recycling / Shredder

Steel Industry / Floor Roller Drive Coils

Conveyor technology / chain conveyor

Shipyards & ports / winch drive

Gearbox and brake application areas

Combination of hydraulic motor, gearbox and brake

Coaxial hydro gearmotors have a small overall diameter, but generally require more installation space in terms of length than angular gearmotors.

Coaxial geared motors

Angular geared motors



Angular geared motors have a short overall length and are often used as wheel drives.