Tilt drive for converter


In the various process phases of primary and secondary metallurgy, tilting of the converter is made possible by tilting drives located on the converter. Tilting drives can also be equipped with pneumatic brake gearmotors as emergency drives.

All over the world, Düsterloh Fluidtechnik has already successfully implemented a wide variety of tilt drive concepts.

Here, the pneumatic control regulates the operation of the pneumatic unit.

Application example Pneumatic controls

Pneumatic control


For the application of the pneumatic gear motors type DMO, we have complete pneumatic control systems, which are designed according to your specifications.


Example of a pneumatic control cabinet for an emergency function to automatically move a melting furnace into the safety area via the pneumatic gear motor in case of failure of the main drive.


All switching functions are redundant to ensure safety in the event of a valve failure. The last safety function remaining is emergency manual operation, which is also present.