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Düsterloh pneumatic starters are used for starting diesel engines and turbines. The pneumatic starter develops its highest torque when breaking loose, therefore it is particularly suitable for starting diesel engines. Düsterloh pneumatic starters can be operated with air or gas. They are independent of electrical energy stores, maintenance-free and explosion-proof. Torques, measured at the starter pinion, of up to 510 Nm at a working pressure of 15 bar are achieved. For higher starting powers, two starters can be operated in parallel.

Application areas of pneumatic starters PS


  PS 24/20


PS 32/20


Geometr. Displacement  [cm3/rev]


Start-up torque  [Nm/bar]



Perm. Inlet pressure [bar]

10,00 10,00

Power [KW]

22,00 25,00

Air consumption [Nm3/Min]

26,00 32,00
Connection width  [inch]  G 1 1/2 G 1 1/2


Pneumatic starters PS 500 - 700




Pneumatic starters PS 24/20 - 32/20





      PS 500


   PS 700


Geometr. Displacement  [cm3/rev]


Start-up torque  [Nm/bar]



Perm. Inlet pressure [bar]

8,00 8,00

Power [KW]

8,00 13,00

Air consumption [Nm3/Min]

10,00 14,00
Connection width  [inch]  G 1  G 1 


Pneumatic starter PS series



The starting process is carried out via the gradual opening of a self-closing valve or main valve, which is usually mounted directly on the starter.


The pressurization of the engagement piston causes an axial displacement of the pinion in the direction of the flywheel ring gear, with a simultaneous slow rotary movement.


After the pinion has been engaged, the actual starting process begins, which must be terminated by closing the self-closing / main valve after the ignition speed has been reached. To prevent the starter from reaching impermissible high speeds when overtaken by the diesel, it is protected by an integrated multi-plate clutch.

Motor specifications

PS 24/20 - PS 32/20

PS 2500 - PS 700