High precision motors




Our high-precision motors are custom-built for applications where very high runout uniformity is required, especially in the low speed range.


They have an extremely low geometrical non-uniformity of 0.28% for RMHP motors and 0.73% for AEHP motors.


Due to low rotating masses, Düsterloh hydraulic motors allow a quick change of the direction of rotation.

Test stands for wing flaps



The superior running characteristics and extremely low mass moments of inertia of the high-precision motors are of great importance when testing the adjustment of commercial aircraft wing flaps. During the test bench runs, components are subjected to up to 50 changes in direction of rotation per second.

Motor specifications

Hydraulic motors AEHP 40



Axial piston motors with swash plate



     AEHP 40
  Geometr. Displacement[cm3/rev] 43,70
  Theoretic specific torque[Nm/bar] 0,70

  Inlet pressure, max.[bar]


  Max. torque[Nm]


  Operating speed range[rpm]


  Intermittent power[kW]




Hydraulic motors RMHP 90 - RMHP 110



Radial piston motors with polygon rings and gap seal in the control system



  RMHP 90 RMHP 110
  Geometr. Displacement[cm3/rev] 88,40 109,50
  Theoretic specific torque[Nm/bar] 1,40 1,74

  Inlet pressure, max.[bar]

210,00 210,00

  Max. torque[Nm]

252,00 310,00

  Operating speed range[rpm]

1-900 1-750

  Intermittent power[kW]

10,00 10,00


RMHP 90 - RMHP 110

Application areas of RMHP 90 - RMHP 110